Upper Torkhow Development Network

Upper Torkhow Development Network (UTDN) is a civil society organization of Union Council Khot Torkhow, established in March 2006 with an overall objective to foster the sustainable development of the area. The basic purpose of the organization is to serve the community at doorsteps and to facilitate the service delivery carried out by the development agencies in the long run when these organizations quit. In other words, the existence of this organization is to plan and manage local resource effectively through a participatory approach.


Prosperous and developed community, by effective utilization of local resources in an institutional framework.


Multi dimensional socio-economic development of the area, by ensuring community participation and grass root planning and development and to utilize the available resources within the community.


  • To strengthen Village-based organizations (V/WOs)
  • To develop and manage the developmental activities at the grass root level of the community
  • To develop short and long terms developmental plans of the area
  • To explore and utilization of the available community resources
  • To develop productive linkages with other organizations working in the said area and to facilitate them in their programs