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Upper Torkhow Development Network


Upper Torkhow Development Network (UTDN) is a civil society organization of Union Council Khot Torkhow, established in March 2006 with an overall objective to foster the sustainable development of the area. The basic purpose of the organization is to serve the community at doorsteps and to facilitate the service delivery carried out by the development agencies in the long run when these organizations quit. In other words, the existence of this organization is to plan and manage local resource effectively through a participatory approach. The organization structure of UTDN consist of village and women organization constituting the general body, representing each village and women organization, the second level is the BoD of directors which comes from the general body, including the Chairman, which is head of this organization. Management of the organization is run by a professional staff team, including the manager, Social Mobilization team, and account officer under the Chairman. The general body and executive body nominate its members for the duration of a maximum two years,   by nominating one member from each V/WO. These members further elect or select their BoD for the duration of a maximum of two years. The accountability of this organization is clear and management staff are accountable for BoD members, and BoD is accountable to General body and General body is accountable to the V/WOs in their sphere of work and thus the accountability is ensured in a Top to bottom manner, and on the other hand the planning and execution is down to top approach.